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Approved rolls, choose the safety and quality of Errebi for your cash registers! With the Errebi approved rolls, you ensure a safe, certified and premium quality product. A quality that makes your cash registers last long.

Approved thermal paper rolls

Rotolificio Bergamasco produces and sells approved rolls for cash registers. According to current European regulations, in fact, the paper rolls used in combination with cash registers for the issue of receipts have tax value only and exclusively if in possession of the specific approval.

The certified rolls of ERREBI, with certification impressed on the back, therefore certify the tax value, according to the provision 2012/13386 of 30/01/2012. Errebi approved rolls are produced with impact or thermal printing and are available in sizes from 28mm to 80mm. Further measures can be implemented upon specific request.

 approved rolls

Approved rolls

Approved rolls and certificates

Furthermore, certified according to the FSC standard, they are also produced with cellulose and raw materials coming from forests managed in a correct and responsible manner. The technological development and production techniques that ERREBI has been pursuing for over 40 years has allowed the Italian company to obtain important certifications, such as the FSC and the most recent PEFC.

SICUR approved rolls

The homologation of Errebi thermal paper rolls which certifies their tax use also applies to the Sicur15 receipt models.

approved long lasting rolls

SICUR thermal rolls

Sicur15 is the roll of paper approved for long life that meets the needs of receipts that have the value of warranty on the products. The special technology and chemical structure used for the production of rolls in thermal paper Sicur15, in fact, guarantee the long-lasting of the ink up to fifteen years.

Sicur15 withstands environmental changes such as moisture, light and heat. Available in sizes from 57mm to 80mm with the possibility of further customizing the dimensions.

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