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100% heatsealable and recyclable paper 

The new frontier of flexible packaging for all food and non-food products.

The seal coat is Plastic free, it is considered a water dispersion which will be easily dispersed in the paper mill pulper.

It is commonly used in packaging applications where secure closure is needed, such as flowpacks, preformed bags, quad seals, and much more.

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Eco-friendly adhesive rolls: discover Errebi's excellence.

Linerless is an innovative labeling solution that eliminates the need for the traditional paper or plastic backing, known as the liner.

Overall, the adoption of linerless labels leads to greater sustainability, efficiency, and flexibility in the labeling process, offering significant benefits from both environmental and operational-economic perspectives.

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Thermal rolls

Discover all the customizable roll types:

certified 48g and 55g rolls for cash registers, rolls for betting and lotteries, ATM & cash machine rolls.

And also: ticket rolls, parking meter rolls, calculator rolls, postal receipts. Queue management rolls, scales, attempted sales, fines.... Blue4est rolls, compatible with Q-matic and Nemo Q.

Explore all the possibilities.

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Thermal and thermal transfer labels

History, dynamism, a desire to explore new realities: the values that have always characterized Errebi have led the company to embrace labeling technology.


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Coin Wrapper

Rotolificio Bergamasco produces coin wrapper paper rolls according to the regulations set by banking institutions.

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Tickets, modules and front panels for supermarkets

Tickets, modules and front panels for supermarkets which must display prices and product information on its shelves and refrigerated counters. Discover all the types of customizable rolls

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Large format and digital printing papers are no exception: they are of superior quality, coming from integrated and 100% controlled production processes.

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