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Coin wrappers paper rolls

Rotolificio Bergamasco produces coin wrappers in accordance with the regulations set by banking institutions.

Certified and subjected to strict certification controls, these rolls allow for the organization and protection of coins of various sizes.

Thanks to collaborations with major banks and its flexibility as a company, Errebi has included its coin wrappers in its catalog. These wrappers are technically compatible with the most widely used and recognized coin wrapping machines.

Different in size, coloration, and information displayed, all models share a high level of quality in the paper used.

Errebi's thermal paper rolls are certified, safe, and durable. The company's continuous focus on customer satisfaction has led Rotolificio Bergamasco to introduce a high-performance, tear-resistant product to the market.

Therefore, those who choose to purchase Errebi's coin wrappers can rely on a particularly functional working tool.

Errebi's coil wrapper paper is also environmentally friendly. The company and all its products have been recognized with the corresponding FSC certification, which certifies the sustainable use of resources and raw materials. Additionally, the production systems operate with energy generated from photovoltaic sources. This translates into a completely eco-friendly product.

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From 57mm to 150 mm

Inner core

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On request


Solid backgrounds and customization upon request.



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