Sicur – long life thermal rolls

Continuous technological updating and constant attention regarding the customer’s needs, means the company improves continuously. For this reason, today Sicur technology by RB, is even safer and more reliable.


Customised betting rolls

The customised betting rolls by RB are rolls of paper intended for the betting market, which have advertising on the back of brands and companies that want to use an alternative channel to promote their products, services and promotions.


Linerless: Eco-friendly adhesive labels

Recent linerless technology has brought substantial benefits to the field of primary labeling for industrial products and labeling in general.


Wholesale 80×80 Thermal rolls for Sale

Thermal paper rolls 80×80 mm, customizable, approved, resistant and ecological Only certified high quality thermal paper for the emission of receipts with electronic cash registers


Rolls for customised parking

Continuous technological upgrading and constant attention to the needs of its customers has led the company to constantly improve.


Queue management rolls

RB has long experience in the production of queue management rolls. Equipped with technologically advanced machinery and thanks to top-quality innovative materials, it can meet the most specific requirements.

recycled paper packaging

Recycled paper packaging: everything you need to know


In a world where sustainability is becoming a key topic, it is essential to find green products in the packaging sector.

ecological packaging

Ecological packaging: features and applications 

The ongoing ecological transition demands that we implement a series of concrete actions to reduce waste. From this perspective, companies opt for the increasing adoption of ecological packaging, often made of paper for a more environmentally-friendly future.


Printed Thermal Paper Rolls

Rotolificio Bergamasco srl understands the importance and the potential of personalization. This is why it provides top-tier printed thermal paper rolls, which is a powerful tool for boosting brand recognition and customer engagement. 


Linerless Label Manufacturers 

Rotolificio Bergamasco is a leading linerless label manufacturer that puts quality at the top of the agenda. Therefore, Errebi linerless labels are produced with the highest standards, ensuring exceptional durability, and the clearest print. 


Is Thermal Paper Recyclable?

Nowadays, there is a rising question regarding how to dispose of different materials. Among those, many ask if thermal paper - largely used for receipts, and tickets - is recyclable. 


FSC® Certified Packaging

Rotolificio Bergamasco is an FSC® certified packaging manufacturer, ensuring the sustainability of every solution produced.


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