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At Rotolificio Bergamasco, a leading linerless label manufacturer, quality is the cornerstone of everything we do. Errebi linerless labels are produced with the highest standards, ensuring exceptional durability, and the clearest print


Our relentless pursuit of innovation enables us to test the latest advancements in adhesive technology, studying new materials that can meet the demands of efficiency, reliability and sustainability of our customers. 


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Why Errebi is the perfect Linerless label manufacturer


In the linerless label manufacturer industry, Rotolificio Bergamasco stands out as an ideal partner for businesses looking to make a positive impact on the environment without compromising the effectiveness of the product.


By choosing our Linerless adhesive rolls, you will be able to reduce:

  • liner waste and, consequently, the overall environmental impact as they do not use traditional paper or plastic support;

  • the number of reel changes in the production cycle, improving the manufacturing efficiency;

  • storage space, enabling a more compact stock management


Rotolificio Bergamasco, as a Linerless label manufacturer, provides customized solutions to meet the various needs and applications of multiple clients, offering a versatile product in different dimensions, forms, and technical adhesive specifications.



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How Rotolificio Bergamasco manufactures Linerless labels


At Rotolificio Bergamasco, the manufacturing process of Linerless labels is divided into different stages.


  • We begin by carefully choosing sustainable materials. The paper and adhesives used to produce the rolls are designed to reduce the overall environmental impact.


  • Thanks to state-of-the-art digital and flexographic printing, ink is absorbed effectively by the label, providing vibrant colors that do not fade. During this production stage, it is possible to customize Linerless with brand logos or specific messages that carefully represent the brand. 


  • Then, it is necessary to apply a special adhesive by following a pattern, ensuring the labels stick without the need of a liner, and reducing waste. 


  • Labels are, therefore, cut and shaped based on the customer’s requirements. Rotolificio Bergamasco, as a leading Linerless label manufacturer, provides flexible designs and applications thanks to an innovative cutting technology. 


  • Each batch of Linerless rolls undergoes a rigorous quality control to ensure that adhesion, print readability, and sustainability standards are respected. 



The advantages of choosing an experience Linerless label manufacturer


Selecting Rotolificio Bergamasco as your Linerless label manufacturer, you will trust a company that puts your success at the top of the agenda


We work closely with our customers in order to have a thorough understanding of their standards, and priorities. This helps us to outline the perfect solution tailored to their specific demands. 


Linerless is not just a socially responsible, and environmentally-friendly product, but it is a top-tier roll in the realm of the label manufacturing industry



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