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Are you ready to meet Blue4est®, the first recyclable thermal paper roll for sustainable receipt printing?

Rotolificio Bergamasco srl has always been a passionate promoter of sustainability. This is why we came up with a groundbreaking solution for those companies that prioritize environmental protection - the Blue4est® technology


What is Blue4est®?

Blue4est® is a thermal paper roll which immediately stands out for its peculiar blue color. It has been designed for printing applications where heat is involved to create images or texts on paper without using ink nor ribbons. 


Blue4est® main features

Unlike traditional thermal paper, Blue4est® rolls are not chemically treated. Thermal coating is free of bisphenol A - also known as BPA - and bisphenol S (BPS). These chemical substances have raised some concerns related to their alleged impact on human health.


Furthermore, these blue receipt printing paper rolls by Rotolificio Bergamasco srl are made using materials from sustainable sources. They have been conceived to be the first recyclable receipt, helping to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact


As the name suggests, Blue4est® are kind of blue thermal paper rolls. The color is due to the coating used on paper to make it react to the heat. However, this appearance does not affect printing which is even more resistant, up to 25+ years warranty.


Technical specifications


From 48grm to 80grm


From 28mm to 82mm

Inner core

From 8mm to 76mm


Flexographic/Offset Printing



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