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Linerless is an innovative solution in the labeling industry that eliminates the traditional paper or plastic support, known as liner, usually found beneath self-adhesive labels.

Linerless labels are made of an adhesive layer applied directly to a paper or film substrate without the need for a liner.

This approach offers several technical and operational advantages:

Waste reduction: The absence of a liner eliminates the need to dispose of or recycle liner waste, significantly reducing material waste and environmental impact. Increased production efficiency: Linerless labels allow for more labels per roll compared to traditional labels, reducing the number of reel changes and improving production line efficiency.

Enhanced labeling capacity: With a greater quantity of labels per roll, linerless rolls require fewer replacements during the labeling process, reducing machine downtime and improving productivity.

Optimized storage space: Being thinner than traditional labels, linerless rolls occupy less storage space, enabling more efficient label stock management.

Flexibility and adaptability: Linerless labels can be customized to meet various labeling requirements such as size, shape, and adhesive specifications, offering a flexible and adaptable solution for different sectors and applications.

Overall, the adoption of linerless labels leads to increased sustainability, efficiency, and flexibility in the labeling process, offering significant benefits from both environmental, operational and economical perspectives.

technical specifications


From 48grm to 80grm


From 28mm to 82mm

Inner core

From 8mm to 76mm


Flexographic/Offset Printing up to 8 colors. Security printing and digital printing.



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