What Are Linerless Labels?

Recent linerless technology has brought substantial benefits to the field of primary labeling for industrial products and labeling in general.

Thanks to this technology, it is now possible to produce highly efficient eco-friendly adhesive labels with numerous advantages from environmental, economic, and production perspectives.


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What Is The Linerless Technology?

Traditional adhesive labels are produced using a silicone-coated paper backing (liner), which is applied beneath the printable product, adding a significant thickness to the thermal paper. In eco-friendly industrial adhesive labels produced with Linerless technology, this backing has been completely eliminated, replaced with a repellent layer that coats the surface of the labels' thermal paper.


Advantages of Eco-Friendly Industrial Adhesive Labels

  1. Reduced environmental impact: The absence of the liner, the silicone-coated backing requiring specific disposal processes, reduces the amount of waste material that eco-friendly industrial adhesive labels produce. The most evident consequence is a significant reduction in the environmental footprint of these products.
  2. Reduced disposal costs: No more liner means no more need to bear the costs of disposing of the silicone-coated backing, resulting in significant savings on company budgets.
    Increased length of printable product: The removal of the liner has allowed eliminating a bulky backing that reduced the usable space for adhesive labels. For this reason, Linerless rolls ensure a longer length of printable product with the same footprint compared to traditional products.
  3. Increased production efficiency: The longer length of eco-friendly industrial adhesive labels significantly reduces machine downtime, ensuring longer operational periods. The result is a general increase in the production efficiency of the company.
  4. Reduced logistic costs: The removal of the liner, as we have seen, ensures less bulk and a reduction in the weight of eco-friendly adhesive labels, positively affecting the transport and storage costs and leading to further resource savings.
  5. Extensive customization possibilities: Like all Errebi products, eco-friendly industrial adhesive labels are available with extensive customization options. You just need to contact Rotolificio Bergamasco and specify your needs to the dedicated staff.
  6. Perfect for food use: Linerless labels are particularly suitable for the labeling of food products, the sector where they are predominantly used today.
  7. Long lifespan: Errebi's thermal paper ensures a very long durability of the printed image, reaching up to 12 years in Linerless adhesive labels.
  8. Certified paper: Errebi's thermal paper is certified according to all current European standards, in addition to possessing FSC® certification, attesting to the responsible and sustainable use of the forests from which the paper originates. Certifications testify to all of Errebi's excellence in constantly aiming for the highest quality.



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Embrace The Linerless Eco-Friendly Revolution With Errebi

The Linerless revolution has become an integral part of our journey. Thanks to this sustainable solution, it is possible to avoid the traditional liner. The labels present a self-adhesive layer which, entering in contact with the surface, activates, gluing up. 


Linerless is capable of boosting your industrial labelling tasks as they require fewer replacements, obtaining an enhanced productivity. It is suitable for indirect contact with food, as the thermal paper it is made of is covered with a phenol-free thermal coating.


Every Linerless roll is one of a kind. In fact, Errebi can customize it by printing your logo or an image, transforming every work into a statement of your brand identity. Another relevant feature is that the adhesive is permanent, and it can be removed and repositioned without leaving glue on printers.


Here you have information related to our Linerless technology.

Technical specifications


From 55 grams to 80 grams


From 40 mm to 152 mm

Inner core

From 12.7 mm to 76 mm


Logo and image printing, hotmet or acrylic glue application


Thermal paper protected without using phenols. It’s suitable for indirect contact with food.


Permanent, removable, repositionable.

Our Linerless Journey

In Errebi, we do believe in the Linerless revolution. This is why our labels have set a new golden standard of environmental stewardship, reducing waste and pursuing an unwavering will of making the future “greener”


Our undivided attention to the environment and search for sustainable solutions have changed our productive approach, implementing a series of best practices to ensure the utmost efficiency at any time.


By adopting the Errebi Linerless technology, you will experience the boundless versatility of a product tailored to many applications and sectors. Additionally, you will be able to save storage space, improving your whole storage management. It will become part of your daily operations, integrating seamlessly in your industry and creating leaner processes.


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