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Currently, the market’s demands for customization are increasing, especially among those businesses who want to stand out and communicate specific messages to a certain target audience. 


Rotolificio Bergamasco srl understands the importance and the potential of personalization. This is why it provides top-tier printed thermal paper rolls, which is a powerful tool for boosting brand recognition and customer engagement. 


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Blue4est® - the ultimate printed thermal paper roll by Errebi

Receipts are not just a piece of paper with transactional information. In fact, they are becoming one of the distinctive elements capable of conveying the brand’s identity. By customizing them, each customer can actually experience your business values.


Blue4est® is the first printed thermal paper roll that can be recycled. This sustainable solution, manufactured by Rotolificio Bergamasco srl, is perfect for those brands that deeply value environmentally-friendly practices that can make the difference.


This product is a blue thermal paper roll that combines heat-sensitive coating for printing text and images, avoiding the use of ink or ribbons, reducing waste. 


Blue4est® is: 

  • chemical-free as it does not contain BPA and BPS; 
  • from sustainable sources;
  • recyclable;
  • durable, as the innovative blue coating ensures that prints remain clear and legible for over 25 years.



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Customized thermal paper rolls 80x80

Our printed thermal paper rolls 80x80 are an integral part of our Eco-ticket line. Among the various customization options, you can choose to opt for a different ink color or to print the back of the sheet


Customers are often eager to get rid of receipts, but if a logo or a peculiar nuance captures their attention, they are more likely to keep it. This is the moment when thermal paper becomes a powerful medium to communicate a message without being immediately thrown away, and increasing the target’s loyalty. 


Printed thermal paper rolls: how to choose them 

If you want to make the best out of a printed thermal paper roll, you should consider a series of aspects. 


  • Versatility is key, as these rolls are usually designed to be compatible with multiple cash registers. The 80x80 format is the preferred one as it perfectly fits every device. 
  • High-quality printing is based on advanced technology that makes it possible to manufacture thermal paper rolls that ensure the clarity and resistance of the receipt over time. 
  • Customization can give your brand the opportunity to stand out with original colors and logos, using the receipt as a direct marketing medium to convey the message you need at all times.
  • Our thermal paper rolls can be printed on both sides, giving the opportunity to make a more powerful impression on the customer. 


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