Is Thermal Paper Recyclable?

Nowadays, there is a rising question regarding how to dispose of different materials. Among those, many ask if thermal paper - largely used for receipts, and tickets - is recyclable


Only by reducing waste and choosing to adopt effective disposable practices can we start transforming our present and go towards a more sustainable future. As a result, our lifestyle can radically change in favor of a cleaner Earth, and greener environment


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How To Effectively Dispose Of Thermal Paper


Unlike traditional paper rolls, thermal paper features some peculiarities. In order to react to heat during printing, this product is soaked with chemicals


Thus avoiding the use of ink in printing operations, tickets, receipts, and other documents can be challenging to be disposed of due to the presence of Bisphenol A or Bisphenol S. These two substances must be handled carefully as they can be potentially harmful to the environment as well as to people. 


Let’s take a closer look at its recycling process.


  1. The first passage is the separation of thermal paper from other recyclable materials to preserve the recycling stream free from chemical contamination.

  2. Once sorted, it needs to be collected into specific bins or bags. For a better disposal of thermal paper, it is suggested to consult recycling protocols to better understand and follow local guidelines.

  3. At the recycling facility, thermal paper is de-inked, meaning that chemical coating is removed. During this stage, paper fibers return to their original, uncontaminated phase. 

  4. Finally, paper is pulped, meaning fibers are converted into a slurry to produce new recyclable paper products, fostering a circular economy model


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The Benefits Of Recycling


Recycling thermal paper is a best practice to reduce waste yet to support a more eco-friendly approach to contemporary consumption patterns. However, this simple action encompasses several benefits for the future of our planet Earth.


Preservation Of Natural Resources

The fact that thermal paper is recyclable gives us the opportunity to preserve natural resources, minimizing virgin paper production. Therefore, we are actively protecting the trees while promoting biodiversity, and maintaining a good air quality


Energy And Water Savings

Recycling paper means lowering energy and water consumption due to the manufacturing of new paper rolls from virgin pulp. As a result, carbon emissions are lowered as well as the strain on water supplies, having a great impact on our environmental footprint.


Reduction Of The Greenhouse Effect 

100% recyclable thermal paper helps reduce gas emissions that contribute to climate change. When this material is correctly disposed of in specific facilities, the production of methane due to improper landfill decomposition of thermal paper is cut down, mitigating the Greenhouse effect and, thus, global warming.


Promotion Of Circular Economy

Using recycled paper fibers to manufacture thermal paper rolls is a measure in line with the circular economy principles as pulp is reused. The whole production cycle becomes greener, minimizing consumption and waste.

Errebi recyclable thermal paper solution: Blue4est®


Blue4est® by Rotolificio Bergamasco introduces a completely recyclable solution which addresses the main issues related to traditional thermal paper rolls. This product represents the perfect combination of sustainability, high-quality performance, and readability, making a step forward towards a more eco-friendly future. 


Firstly, Blue4est® is a chemical-free innovative system as it does not contain BPA and BPS. This provides a safer solution both for customers and users. Furthermore, being 100% recyclable, these new paper rolls can be processed with regular paper recycling streams, facilitating operators in landfills. 


Blue4est® ensures long-lasting results and high-definition printing without ink. Its blue surface perfectly reacts to heat, delivering documents that remain clearly readable over the years


Choose the Blue4est® recyclable thermal paper solution by Rotolificio Bergamasco and start making a difference.


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