Thermal paper rolls


ERREBI rolls of thermal paper are high quality certified products created in compliance with current European regulations and following strict eco-sustainable procedures. ERREBI has been producing thermal paper for over forty years, able to satisfy a wide range of uses, from fiscal receipts to the printing of medical reports. Thanks to their versatility, the rolls of thermal paper have become indispensable in many sectors.


The ERREBI rolls of thermal paper safety
Due to a substance called bisphenol A (BPA), thermal rolls have long been considered hazardous to humans and the environment. ERREBI has eliminated this substance from production by creating the phenol-free thermal roll, safeguarding the environment and the health of the operators.

The environment, in fact, is for ERREBI an important point of its company policy. ERREBI creates rolls of non-polluting thermal rolls, such as Eco Ticket paper rolls, which are a 100% environmentally friendly product. Products in factories powered entirely by renewable energy and made in a weight lower than the standard: 48 grams instead of the classic 55 grams.

Certified thermal rolls
The ERREBI rolls of thermal paper are the first ones to obtain the Sicur certification: an important recognition that certifies the long duration of at least 15 years. They are the ideal thermal rolls for activities like analysis laboratories, high-fidelity stores, pharmacies and opticians who sell products with long-term guarantees. These are particularly resistant receipts, a sign of more attention towards the customer with a distinctive quality.

The RB thermal rolls have earned both the FSC certification and the famous PEFC, two important reasons of pride that encourage the Italian company to continue in the eco-sustainability direction.

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