Rolls for consignment notes


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RB experience has led the company to become one of the most complete and reliable regarding the production of rolls of paper.

The vast assortment allows to meet the most common needs and the most specific requests. For example, RB can produce rolls for consignment notes used, for example, by express couriers or by drivers which, at the time of the delivery can print the invoice or delivery note of the products selected in real time.

For this reason, the rolls for consignment notes must be easily divided into individual receipts and resistant at the same time. The use of a particularly strong type of paper with pre-cutting meets both requirements.

The continuous research for the highest levels of quality has allowed Rotolificio Bergamasco to realise rolls in customisable thermal paper according to needs and with high resistance.

The rolls for consignment notes ensure good printing quality and they do not fade. They are totally ecological and recyclableproducts. A very sensitive topic to which RB pays great attention. All of its rolls of paper are FSC type-approved.

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