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A TITO ticket, also known as VLT ticket, is the perfect solution for casinos, game rooms, clubs, and venues displaying a slot machine area

A TITO (Ticket-In and Ticket-Out) ticket is a single format conceived for video-lottery and gaming terminals. Rotolificio Bergamasco manufactures folded tickets with superior quality raw materials.


Our TITO Ticket Solution For Casinos

Being an excellent product for casinos, game rooms, clubs, and locations with a slot machine area. Choosing the Errebi TITO ticket for your casino means: 


  • precise and fast cuts;
  • avoiding accidental tearing;
  • potentially harmful particles which could damage printer components in slot machines are not released.


Rotolificio Bergamasco’s Technology

The folded TITO ticket format is printed by using an innovative offset technology. This innovative technique enhances the overall readability of the text. In fact, the offset method employs aluminium plates to transfer ink to the paper, making it particularly effective on large-scale production


As a result, your tickets can be easily customised with a recognisable layout including high-definition logos, vivid colours and images for a better quality of the visual aspect of the product. 


The TITO tickets produced by Rotolificio Bergamasco are certified by VLT printer manufacturers and IGT standards.



Technical specifications


100 g/m2


65 mm


200, 400, 600 per pack or on request


Offset printing up to 6 colors and perforation.



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