Matt and coated paper

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The matt and coated paper produced and marketed by RB meets the requirements of who is looking for qualityconvenience and resistance in a roll of paper.

The company has always been involved in research and development which, combined with the use of excellent raw materials and innovative machinery, allow to realise top class products. Quality acknowledged by many RB customers and expressed also in the realisation of a matt and coated paper, among the most reliable available on the market.

There are two models available:

– Coated paper for oil plotters Coated paper with high opacity, suitable for all applications with oil-based inks. The anti-mushing coating (from external agents and glues) makes it particularly fitting for external usage.

– High resolution “matt coated” papers (RB offers a wide range of matt coated Ink Jet papers, among which the high resolution ones are outstanding. Perfect for full colour printing with the guarantee of extreme brilliance and high precision in lines and contrasts).

Both products ensure high colour rendering (for accurate and bright printing), strength (tear and crease-resistant) and quick drying, which prevents smudging.

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