3 Fév 2012

Disposition n° 2012/13386 du 30 janvier 2012


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Suitable technical provisions regarding the « rolls » to use to issue receipts
With provision n. 2012/13386 dated 30 January 2012 by the Director of the Agenzia delle Entrate (Revenue Office), Mr. A. Befera, the technical prescriptions regarding the “rolls” to be used for the issue of receipts and other tax documents through the cash registers and their preservation have been adjusted.

ROTOLIFICIO BERGAMASCO Srl, in collaboration with COMUFFICIO and INNOVHUB SSI (already known as Stazione Sperimentale Carta, Cartoni e Paste per Carte), a body authorised to issue type-approval for paper, guarantees its commitment to comply with the launch of the provision obtaining the new type-approvals requested within 90 days envisioned from the Decree.

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