Why choose the Linerless customized adhesive labels?

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Linerless is an innovative technology that transformed the world of industrial and non-industrial labelling, bringing significant advantages under many points of view. The Linerless are rolls of adhesive customized labels with a low content of silicone, created with high resistant thermal paper, covered with a repellent coating. They are perfect for the labelling and wrap-around labelling of any kind of product, in particular food.

The most innovative feature of the Linerless customized adhesive labels in given, as the name suggests, by the absence of the Liner, the silicone support that is still used in the traditional label rolls. The absence of this element brings uncountable benefits, among which:

  • Ecological benefits: with Liner rolls, it is necessary to provide a specific disposal process of the silicone support, that must be moved to a landfill with additional expenses for the company, and an increased environmental impact of its activity. With the Linerless customized adhesive labels, this process is no longer necessary, bringing a significant reduction of the necessity of waste disposal and its related costs.
  • Productivity benefits: because of the absence of the liner, the Linerless adhesive labels feature an increased length of the printable material, given the same volume. This quality results inevitably in a significant reduction of downtime, with a continuous activity on longer periods: the company will so benefit from a considerable increase of the production efficiency, with the reduction of stop periods.
  • Logistic benefits: for the mentioned reasons, the Linerless customized adhesive labels are far lighter than the liner rolls, besides featuring a reduced volume. These qualities positively reflect on the transport and storage costs of the labels, bringing further economies to the company.

Errebi is one of the Italian leaders in the production of printable thermal paper rolls, with top quality products aimed at both the national and international market. Our Linerless customized adhesive labels are created with long lasting thermal paper, certified according to the current European regulations, and produced with the highest attention to the sustainable use of natural resources.

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