Thermal receipt rolls

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What is it? Thermal receipt rolls are rolls of tax paper, certified and approved according to current European regulations, which show advertising space on the back, logos, images, promotions and all this serves to ensure maximum visibility to brands that want to develop targeted marketing actions.

The quality of ERREBI certifications

ERREBI produces high quality thermal receipts, able to meet the needs of all those activities in which it is necessary to issue receipts in terms of quantity and frequency. The ERREBI thermal paper is produced in accordance with some of the most important international standards. This particular attention to quality has earned ERREBI famous recognitions such as the FSC or the PEFC.

thermal receipt rolls

Thermal paper of long duration

The ERREBI thermal paper guarantees the minimum legal duration of 5 years, to ensure the long validity of the warranty of many products by keeping the receipt far from heat sources. For the most demanding customers, however, there is SICUR, the leading product of ERREBI. Thanks to a long research, the Italian company has succeeded in giving the SICUR thermal paper a minimum duration of 15 years.

Custom thermal receipts

Not a classic fiscal receipt, but a promotional tool for all those companies, shops and businesses that want to advertise their brand, increasing their visibility in a capillary way at competitive costs.

Used by large supermarkets, maxi stores and shopping centers, advertising receipts offer the opportunity to communicate one-to-one messages to a target in line with the products and services promoted and particularly sensitive to the speech of offers and promotions.

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