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The RB rolls for scales are rolls of top quality thermal paper, certified in compliance with the most important Standards on the subject.

They are eco-friendly products and, at the same time, represent the best choice in terms of performance. The RB rolls for scales are manufactured using the best quality paper present on the market and with advanced production technology.

Features that allow to obtain rolls for scales in RB thermal paper, which do not fade and do not create the classical dusts which, in the long term, can damage the components of the scales.

Available in different sizes and studied to adapt perfectly to the standards of the most well-known models and brands of scales, they become a particularly efficient work instrument.

RB production flexibility allows to realise rolls for specific scales for every intended use, in order to meet all needs.

Choosing an RB product also means embarking on the eco-friendly pathway and respecting the environment. The leader company in the production of paper rolls produces using totally green energy, uses eco-sustainable materials and has received FSC certification for its products.

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