Rolls for mail receipts

Rotoli per ricevute postali

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RB’s thirty years’ experience in the production of the best rolls of paper, its production flexibility and capacity to interpret market demands, has allowed the company to grow and expand its catalogue.

Today, Rotolificio Bergamasco can meet the most common and the most specific demands: when it comes to rolls of paper, RB has the answer.

From here, the development of rolls for mail receipts specific for the equipment use in offices and post offices. They are high-resistance long-lasting rolls of paper.

In fact, the RB rolls for mail receipts are strong and long lasting.

This allows to count on an effective work instrument and completely eliminate the risks of damage or deletion of the information mentioned above.

The rolls for mail receipts produced by Rotolificio Bergamasco are also studied to resist exposure to sources of heat and humidity. Thus, ensuring better preservation of the mail receipt.

As for the entire range of products, this is also paper manufactured with total respect for the environment. RB rolls are produced in an establishment where the production lines operate thanks to photovoltaic energy. The raw materials come from forests that are controlled and managed in a sustainable manner. For the customer this means the purchase of totally green products.

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