Rolls for calculators

Rotoli calcolatrici

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Rotolificio Bergamasco produces and markets rolls for calculators of different sizes and specific for perfect adaptation to the most common models and brands of calculating instruments.

The RB rolls for calculators are realised in collaboration with the most well-known manufacturers of calculators in a way to offer particularly efficient and functional products to the market.

As well as the possibility of choosing the correct size and grammage, there are also a series of technical features that confer particular qualities to the rolls for calculators.

Starting from the type of thermal paper used. We mean paper that is particularly resistant, a paper that does not staindoes not release colourdoes not fade even when in contact with humid environments.

In this way, the risk of having estimates and smudged or ruined documents is completely eliminated.

Very important, the rolls for calculators produced by RB do not release dusts and residues that may damage the calculation devices. RB’s high standards are also expressed in the realisation of calculator rolls, which are type-approved and certified also in terms of environmental respect.

They are rolls in totally eco-friendly paper, not only as regards disposal operations but starting from their production. Rotolificio Bergamasco uses photovoltaic energy for its production processes.

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