Public transport tickets


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Rotolificio Bergamasco produces tickets for public transport. Train tickets, plane tickets and coach tickets.

The long experience of the leader company in the production of paper rolls allows to count on a wide range of public transport tickets specific for every intended use.

With different features and dimensions, there are specific products for every ticket issuing device.

An essential aspect of the products proposed by RB is quality.

The public transport tickets by Rotolificio Bergamasco are distinguished for their resistance as well as the duration of the colours. They do not fade, they do not release colour.

This is possible thanks to the commitment that RB has always invested especially in technologies and quality materials. It is no coincidence that it was one of the first companies to receive certification for the long duration of its products.

Public transport tickets are also available with pre-cuts, anti-counterfeiting systems, numbering systems that allow easy recognitionand, at the same time, limit risks of imitation.

Finally, the public transport tickets can be customised with prints, logos and images in black and white or colours. This allows to integrate particularly efficient marketing with use of the ticket.

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