Photographic and glossy paper

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The RB glossy photographic paper is a quick-drying paper that allows to obtain bright and long-lasting colours. The glossy photographic paper produced by RB eliminates all risks of smudging and imperfection. It does not fade and does not crease.

Ideal for photographs, printers and anyone requiring to print photographic material; it is available in the following versions:

– Photographic microporous glossy paper (universal, excellent brightness, definition higher than 5760 dpi, fantastic mirror effect together with a peculiar pearlescence. The coating guarantees a very quick drying and immediate resistance to the touch. Compatible with water based, pigment and U.V. inks)

– Glossy H.R. photorealistic paper (our high resolution coated “glossy” paper (5760 dpi) is ideal for full colour printing. It guarantees rapid drying, resistance to water, scratching and U.V. rays. Highly recommended for water and pigment based Ink Jet plotters)

– Graphic art proof coated paper (we have top quality Ink Jet media with perfect colour reproduction and/or the pre-press industry for layout and contract proofs in a professional environment, also double-sided).

– High resolution glossy paper (this special photographic paper adds a silk finish to the range of photographic papers, for all professional prints)

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