NEMO Q compatible

Compatibili NEMO Q

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The Nemo Q compatible queue rolls are what is needed when queue management is required.

They are rolls of queue management thermal paper specific for orderly and simple management of queues in supermarkets, businesses and on any other occasion where efficient queue management is required.

The Nemo Q compatible queue management tickets can be easily customised with advertising messages printed on the front and back, thus becoming effective communication and marketing instruments regarding the customers that are waiting their turn.

Thanks to flexo print technology and the quality of the thermal paper used for the Nemo Q compatible rolls, perfect product functionality is guaranteed.

The peculiarity of these queue managing tickets is the pre-cuts that allow immediate introduction into the relative columns and easy removal of the individual tickets without ruining the others.

The Nemo Q compatible rolls manufactured by RB have a competitive price, guaranteeing performance and quality.

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