Natural paper

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Rotolificio Bergamasco produces and markets unprocessed natural paper with very high whiteness.

Perfect for CAD applications, section and colour line, the RB natural paper is perfect when monochrome and colour technical drawings must be printed.

Its properties allow to obtain very high printing accuracythey completely eliminate all risk of smudging and maintain the effect of the project just printed for a long time, without fading.

The rolls of natural paper are produced in classic standard measurements envisioned by the most common printer models.

RB also manufactures rolls of Xerographic or PPC paper. The ideal product when printing is required on large-sized paper with high degree of whiteness. The Xerographic or PPC natural paper is ideal for plotters, lasers and black/white copiers.

Rotolificio Bergamasco uses Eucalyptus cellulose; a choice that allows to guarantee the highest results in terms of printing qualityand durability.
The papers used for large format printing applications are strong and bright. They also fully respect the environment.

The company has always been a supporter of ethical and eco-sustainable behaviour. A direction which, along with thirty years’ experience, has allowed to make a difference on the market with high quality and particularly appreciated products.

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