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Rotolificio Bergamasco produces motorway tickets in highly-resistant, long life thermal paper. The quality of the materials used and the innovative machinery ensure a very high quality finished product that can meet all of the most specific demands for anyone that must issue motorway toll tickets.

For example, the motorway tickets resist exposure to heat sources and humidity without damage, they do not tear and are realised with special paper.

This is possible thanks to RB’s commitment in seeking excellence in both the materials used and production processes. Moreover, the magnetic strip is printed and produced internally, thus guaranteeing a continuous and optimised product for all printers present in motorway toll booth systems.

It is no coincidence that it was one of the first companies to receive certification for the long duration of its products.

Choosing Rotolificio Bergamasco products therefore means choosing a high performance product.

Customers that choose RB motorway tickets are sensitive to the subject of high qualitative standards and also to respect for the environment.

RB’s high standards are also expressed in the realisation ofmotorway tickets with reduced environmental impact. The paper used is eco-friendly both in terms of disposal and from a manufacturing point of view. Rotolificio Bergamasco uses photovoltaic energy and thus powers its production processes with clean energy coming from sunlight.

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