Linerless ecological adhesive rolls: Errebi’s excellence


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In Errebi the reduction of the environmental impact of production activities is among the primary goals, pursued by the company since its foundation, with perseverance and enthusiasm. In the frame of this commitment toward the environment, we also find the production of Linerless, ecological adhesive rolls, excellence products that sum up at the best the green soul of Errebi.

Let us see the winning qualities that make the ecological adhesive rolls an environment-friendly product:

  • Absence of the liner: thanks to the Linerless technology, the ecological adhesive rolls by Errebi do not feature the silicone support that all the traditional label rolls have. Thanks to this quality, the necessity of waste disposal is drastically reduced, with a significant cut of the disposal costs and a reduction of the ecological footprint of the activity. The absence of the liner, in addition, makes the ecological adhesive rolls lighter and less voluminous (given the same length of printable material), with considerable savings on the transport and storage costs and an increased production efficiency.
  • Sustainable use of natural resources: in the production of ecological adhesive rolls, Errebi uses top quality thermal paper, obtained through a sustainable use of natural resources. Errebi, in fact, boasts the FSC® certification, a label that testifies the provenance of paper from forests that are used in a responsible way, following strict standards on the environmental, economic and social point of view. A true certificate of excellence, showing all the green efforts by Errebi.
  • Exclusive use of renewable sources: respect for the environment in the supply of resources, such as in their manufacturing. Errebi does not limit to the sustainable use of forests, but also cares about reducing the environmental impact of its activity also in the production of the ecological adhesive rolls Linerless and any of the product supplied. Errebi’s plants are entirely powered by renewable sources, with the prevailing use of hydroelectric and solar energy, coming from the solar panels installed at the company itself.

Besides environmental benefits, the ecological adhesive rolls by Errebi also give a long series of economic advantages. First, the reduction of downtime, with a consequent increase of the productive efficiency, and the reduction of transport and storage costs – as mentioned before. Then, the excellent value for money – distinctive quality of Errebi – that makes the products by Rotolificio Bergamasco extremely convenient, even with the high quality standards that distinguish them.

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