Linerless ecological adhesive labels

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The Linerless technology is a recent innovation that brought significant benefits in the field of primary labelling of industrial products and in general labelling. Thanks to this technology, today it is possible to produce highly efficient industrial ecological adhesive labels, with many advantages on both the environmental and the economic and productive point of view.

What is, exactly, the Linerless technology? The traditional adhesive labels are produced with the use of a silicone support, called liner, which is applied under the printable products, adding a significant depth to the thermal paper. In the industrial ecological adhesive labels produced with the Linerless technology, this support has been completely removed, and replaced with a repellent coating the covers the surface of the thermal paper of the labels.

Advantages of the industrial ecological adhesive labels

Thanks to this and other precautions, the Linerless industrial ecological labels give a long series of advantages, which can be summed up in the following points:

  • Reduced environmental impact: the absence of the liner, the silicone support that requires specific disposal processes, reduces the quantity of waste material produced by the industrial ecological adhesive labels. The immediate consequence is the significant cut of the ecological footprint of these products.
  • Reduction of disposal costs: no liner, no need to face the disposal costs of the silicone support, with significant savings for the company.
  • Increased length of the printable product: the removal of the liner made possible to eliminate a voluminous support that was reducing the space for adhesive labels. For this reason, the Linerless rolls feature an increased length of the printable product, given the same volume, compared with the traditional label rolls.
  • Increased production efficiency: the increased length of the industrial ecological adhesive labels lets to reduce significantly the downtime, granting a longer activity. The result is a general increase of the production efficiency of the company.
  • Reduction of logistic costs: the removal of the liner, as we have seen, grants a reduction of the volume occupied and the weight of the ecological adhesive labels, positively reflecting on the transport and storage costs of the products, and thus bringing additional savings to the company.
  • Wide customization possibilities: as all the products by Errebi, also the industrial ecological adhesive labels are available with wide customization possibilities. You just have to contact Rotolificio Bergamasco and expose your needs to the dedicated staff.
  • The perfect product for food labelling: the Linerless labels are particularly suitable for the labelling of food products, the field in which they are most employed today.
  • Long lasting: the thermal paper by Errebi guarantees a long lasting of the printed image that, in the Linerless labels, can touch the 12 years.
  • Certified paper: the thermal paper by Errebi is certified according to all the current European standards, besides featuring the FSC® certification that testifies the responsible and sustainable use of the forests from which the paper comes from. The certifications show all the excellence of Errebi in always aiming at the highest quality.

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