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Rotolificio Bergamasco produces laundry rolls in top quality thermal paper. Customisable in 8 colours and water repellent (they are rolls of paper resistant to water and humidity) they are the best available to a laundry when “labelling” is required and items of clothing and bed linens that have been washed, ironed and dried must be recognised.

The RB laundry rolls are realised with the most modern technologies and the most innovative production processes. The high qualitative standards of the leader company in the production of paper rolls ensure a final product with features well above the average.

The laundry rolls are resistant, they do not fade and, more importantly, they do not release colour even when they come into contact with water and humidity. This is essential especially when considering coloured paper labels, which could release colour and stain the items.

Moreover, anyone choosing to use an RB product, chooses to respect the environment.

Rotolificio Bergamasco, always sensitive to topics such as eco-sustainability and environmental respect, was one of the first to obtain FSC certification for its products and has chosen to usephotovoltaic energy to power its production processes.

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