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RB produces rolls of thermal paper that are perfectly compatible with the most common models and brands of fax.

They are top quality rolls for fax machines and type-approved in compliance with the Standards in force on the subject. RB, always careful to maintain the high standards of the products manufactured, only uses particularly innovative materials and technologies.

For the customers, this translates into an end product with standards higher than similar products. The rolls for fax machines producedby Rotolificio Bergamasco are among the first to have obtained recognition as long lasting thermal paper.

The chemical structure of the paper and the innovative printing techniques allow to realise rolls for fax machines able to resist humidity and heat. RB thermal paper does not fade, allowing to obtain defined prints and long image duration.

Moreover, the paper used for fax rolls does not release those dusts that often causes very bad printing results and, in the long term, malfunctioning of the fax machines.

All of this translates into a very high quality product, which allows to receive and print faxes in complete liberty, forgetting about faded and illegible documents forever.

The rolls for fax machines, like all other RB products, are eco-friendly. The company does not only produce ecological materials, but also uses renewable energy to power all of its production processes. This means embracing eco-friendliness for the customers that choose RB products.

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