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Thermal rolls for POS in several sizes, customizable, approved, resistant and ecological

Only certified thermal paper of high quality, for issuing with POS receipts and invoices of electronic payments.

What is thermal paper for POS

The paper is not all the same and choosing the right one can lead to different results. The typical case is that of thermal paper. Compared to the standard card, there is no doubt that the thermal card provides a number of decisive advantages for those who have to issue a large number of receipts and receipts for payments made by ATM or credit cards.

For example, compared to standard paper, thermal paper guarantees a more accurate result of superior quality. For every retail activity, this is an important fact: it is essential that every document that comes out of the POS or cash register is perfectly readable, which is not always the case if you print on other paper media.

Then consider the production speed of the document. Compared to inkjet printing, thermal paper ensures a higher speed. The final result is therefore the production of an image quickly, without burrs or other imperfections and destined to last over time, even for several years.
From all these considerations, it is easy to understand that thermal paper simplifies the daily work of all commercial activities, thanks to a degree of efficiency in the issuance of receipts and receipts that is unparalleled.

How thermal paper is made and how thermal printing works

Direct thermal printing technology uses a type of paper that is chemically treated, known as “thermal paper”.
A thermal paper sheet is made from a basic layer of paper, joined together with other layers made up of special coatings.

Base paper is the first layer of thermal paper. It is not a common type of paper, because it is produced exclusively for this type of technology.
In addition to the base paper, the thermal paper has a layer called “precoat”, necessary to improve thermal insulation, smoothness, uniformity and sealing of the thermal layer.
The thermal layer is indispensable to make the thermal reaction happen. This layer is composed of several chemicals: dye, developer and sensitizer.

The thermal reaction occurs when the overheated head of the printing device touches the sheet: only at this moment, the surface of the sheet becomes blackened at the points where the document is expected to be printed.
From this brief explanation, it is deduced that thermal paper does not need any ink, unlike “classic” printers.

Thermal paper measurements for POS

Depending on the SOP used for the issuance of the tax document, it is necessary to choose the thermal paper format of suitable size. For example, the 80 mm format is one of the most popular, especially among cash registers. On the contrary, the 57 mm format is mainly adopted for terminals used for credit cards and for those dedicated to payments made with smartphones or other mobile devices.

Care should be taken to choose thermal paper rolls with the correct measurements. Each device, be it a POS, cash register or other, needs thermal paper rolls in the correct format: even a difference of one millimeter can compromise the printing result and the operation of the device. For this reason, it is good to check the brand and type of machine in use and buy the most suitable thermal paper roll among the many available.

Customize thermal paper for POS

Thermal paper rolls for POS are not only different in size. Most receipts are printed on white paper. However, it is possible to find for sale rolls of thermal paper also in other colors, chosen by those traders who, in some way, want to distinguish themselves from the mass, perhaps to communicate more effectively with their customers.

In this regard, it should be noted that on the back of thermal paper rolls it is possible to print a personalized message, for example an advertisement, a discount voucher, a reserved promotion or any other useful initiative to retain customers, that is to convince them to return to buy. In this sense, therefore, the receipt issued can become an effective support for the marketing of each company.

Where to buy the best thermal paper rolls for POS

It’s quick to write “better”. But are we sure we know how to recognize the best thermal paper? In this sense, the brightness of the paper is a very important factor: the higher the contrast, the better the readability of the receipt produced by thermal printing.
Thermal paper also differs from the degree of sensitivity of its surface. The choice of a type of paper more or less sensitive to the heat emitted by the print head determines the quality of the image imprinted on the sheet, as well as the shelf life of the receipt emitted by the POS.

The price is an almost foolproof litmus test to assess the quality of a thermal paper roll. It is obvious that high-quality thermal paper ensures better print quality and less risk of malfunctioning of the device. In contrast, lower quality thermal paper could lead to dust removal problems, which could prevent the paper roll from exiting properly from the POS during printing.
With more than forty years of experience in this sector, we can guarantee a high quality of our thermal paper rolls. We specialize in the production and wholesale of large quantities of thermal rolls of all types, for every use and of every size, chosen by leading retail and large-scale retail companies.

How to change a thermal paper roll in the POS

Knowing when the paper roll is almost finished is simple: just observe when a series of red stripes appear on the paper. This signal indicates the imminent end of the roll.
To replace the thermal paper roll in a POS, the operations to be carried out are few and all simple: a minimum of practice is enough to learn. In case you want to know the detailed steps to proceed with the roll replacement, you can read our guide, with step by step instructions to follow for both POS and cash registers.

The only important precaution, to always remember, is to insert a roll of thermal paper wide exactly like the opening of the printer or the device in use; otherwise, the risk is to jam the paper in the POS or cash register, with possible damage and malfunctions of the equipment.

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