Eco Ticket Rolls

Rotoli 80x80 mm

The Eco Ticket rolls for cash registers are 100% environmentally friendly.

A new proposal signed by Errebi that wants to be a smart alternative from traditional rools.

Eco Ticket is intelligent because it is made according to three logics very near to Rotolificio Bergamasco: high quality, environment respect and benefit.

Eco Ticket is completely eco-friendly, starting from the ethical use of raw materials, through the proper production mode, up to the transport and logistic.

Eco Ticket, for example, is made with raw materials coming from forests that are responsibly managed. A choice that allowed this product to obtain the FSC approval.

It is produced in factories powered by renewable sources and delivered to the costumer according to the transportation logics to reduce CO2 emissions.

In addition, the Eco Ticket roll for cash registers has a lower weight than the traditional rolls (48 gr. versus the traditional 55 gr.). A choice that not only optimizes and minimizes the cellulose consumption by engraving on the responsible use of environmental resources, but that involves a real convenience.

So a greenhigh quality and affordable paper roll.

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