Cash register paper rolls

Rotoli cassa

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ERREBI cash registers paper rolls are among the most widespread products in shops that need to issue receipts of any kind. The ERREBI products, which stand out for their excellent quality, are in fact the one that best meets the needs of all those who are looking for a resistant, homologated and non-fading product.

Certified cash register paper rolls

The thermal paper used in the production of cash register rolls is certified according to the most important European regulations, very strict in judging the eco-sustainability of the production of thermal paper. This is a RB’s pride, whose sources of origin of raw materials uses only renewable energy and transport techniques designed to reduce CO2 emissions.

The long life of the ERREBI cash register rolls

Another fundamental aspect of the ERREBI cash registers paper rolls is the durability of the colors. The ERREBI cash register paper roll do not fade. This, considering the legislation that the thermal paper must lat at least 5 years, allows you to store your receipts without being damaged.

ERREBI has created the first thermal paper in Italy to obtain the SICUR certification, a guarantee of quality and long life, for all those receipts that, having a guarantee value, require a longer duration. This translates into at least 15 years without the risk of color-fading, an indication of the continuous commitment of the technological update of the Italian company.

Customizable cash register paper rolls

The printing technology used, combined with the quality of the paper, allows in fact to make technically perfect rolls. Not only do they not fade, but they resist temperature changes, heat sources and exposure to damp environments. Advantages that have allowed to develop a new service: cash rolls with advertising on the back of the receipts.

Custom cash register rolls are made with color or black and white messages printed on the back: logos, images, promotional messages. Thus, a classic receipt can be transformed into an effective marketing tool already used by shops, supermarket chains and other commercial activities.

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