Blue back paper

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Blue back paper is a particularly suitable product for prints with solvent-based inks, whether they be eco-solvent, mid-solvent or low-solvent.

Blue back paper is often used for outdoor bill-posting. As the name itself implies, it is made up from a blue back that ensures a good level of opacity and does not allow to see any posters affixed underneath.

Among its qualities, blue back paper boasts great aesthetics and bright colours.
It is also a very strong product, able to resist tearing and damage by atmospheric agents (rain, wind, sun); for this reason it has greater liberty regarding outdoor bill-posting.

Finally, blue back paper is economical. This advantage is essential especially if used for advertising posters, which may have a very short duration.

The posters and prints that use blue back paper can only be printed on one side.

Summarising, economy, brightness, definition and quick drying make this paper a universal product suitable for bill-posting prints and many other applications such as arrangement of display cases/windows, posters for sales and clearance sales.

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