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ATM rolls are made with certified thermal paper according to the latest industry regulations. ERREBI, always careful to provide high performance products, makes use of quality materials and cutting-edge production processes. This is why it was one of the first companies to achieve real recognition in terms of durability of its products.

The high quality of the ERREBI ATM rolls

Attention to quality and excellence is also reflected in the true characteristics of ATM thermal paper. These products are in fact particularly resistant and ensure long lasting color. So receipts will always be perfect, thanks also to the research carried out and the efforts to protect the environment by the Italian company. In fact, recently, in addition to the FSC certification, ERREBI also obtained the famous PEFC certification for environmental protection.

Safe and reliable ATM paper rolls

Another important feature is the use of a paper that does not release dust or residues potentially harmful to POS machines. It is in fact known that ERREBI ATM paper rolls are manufactured according to the strictest international standards and do not contain bisphenol and other harmful substances. Bisphenol A can be absorbed by contact with the skin, which is why the best ATM thermal paper producers have developed the system to avoid their presence in their products.

ATM paper rolls

Rolls for personalized ATMs

Finally, the high colour holding allows you to customize the ATM rolls with advertisements, logos and images in black and white or coloured. This means turning your personalized ATM rolls into one-to-one marketing tools on the back of each receipt.

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