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Who we are

Rotolificio Bergamasco has been creating rolls of paper for many different purposes for over 40 years, in order to satisfy technical and customisation requirements.

State-of-the-art technological know-how at a European level, consultancy and professional skill, added to a production capacity of over 150,000 rolls per day complete the offer.

Production and technological capacity through the years have taken Rotolificio Bergamasco to export 35% of their turnover.

The areas where we are mainly present are: Continental Europe, Scandinavia, Mediterranean Basin and also Central-North Africa, Middle East, North America and emerging countries.



Important factor of quality and competitiveness, the technological updating of the machines is included in the DNA of Rotolificio Bergamasco and takes place on the basis of specific design requests, continuously searching for efficiency and automation with consideration to environmental compatibility.

Given the wide range of applications present on the market, Rotolificio Bergamasco has developed great sensitivity regarding innovation and specialities in terms of Research & Development; sensitivity of knowing how to provide state-of-the-art solutions by combining the innovation of raw materials to that of the manufacturers of printing mechanisms. You will find our latest offers in the NEWS section.


Rotolificio Bergamasco differs due to its particular attention to the environment and, in general, the eco-sustainability in all of its aspects.

FSC and PEFC certifications are some of the instruments that has been used for years by the company to ensure the complete use of the paper deriving from correct and responsible forests management.

The FSC® mark identifies products containing wood coming from forests managed following rigorous environmental, social and economic standards. The forests of origin are controlled and assessed independently in compliance with strict standards (good forestry management principles and criteria), established and approved by the Forest Stewardship Council® .

This means that every day products are worked in RB with the perspective of responsible forestry management, which means: protection of the natural environment, real advantages to the populations, local communities, workers and assurance of efficiency in economic terms.

Moreover, thanks to continuous and important investments, the Rotoloficio Bergamasco headquarters are powered completely by renewable energies. Energy is acquired deriving only from hydroelectric energy sources and the remaining requirement is covered by the use of solar energy, thanks to the installation of solar panels.

This is a mission for RB, as well as a parameter of high quality and noble values on which it is founded.

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Mission and Vision

Rotolificio Bergamasco pays attention to the present but always looks to the future.

Innovation combined with quality is what has always distinguished the short and long term mission and objectives of the company, which constantly tries to renew itself and anticipate change.

Everyone that works or collaborates with RB, make sure that each individual roll of paper is perfect, “because it is from little things that large and fine realities are built, step-by-step” (Alessandro Panseri – Chairman of Rotolificio Bergamasco).

A unique and clear Vision for the entire Rotoloficio Bergamasco team:
to take the quality of the RB rolls to a global level, managing to transmit the values that lie behind the simple products.
RB Rolls, not just paper…
but passion, people and values of a long tradition, since 1976.

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