Plotter large format


The experience of over 30 years in the processing of paper constitutes a cornerstone for Rotolificio Bergamasco in its ability to select the best raw materials for its own processes.The cards for large format and digital printing applications are no exception: they are of superior quality, coming from 100% controlled and integrated production processes. Rotolificio Bergamasco has selected for its customers the largest and most modern paper mills in the world, whose modus operandi was perfectly in tune with our philosophy and in full compliance with environmental protection regulations.

The ERREBI research for the best result

We appreciate and recommend Eucalyptus as a base for cellulose, as it guarantees the highest point of whiteness, opacity, smoothness, brilliance and body perfectly in tune with the needs of the press present on the Italian and international market today. All these features make the plotter rolls produced by Rotolificio Bergamasco the best supports for all large format and digital printing applications, guaranteeing optimal performance at any time.

Safe and ecological plotter paper rolls 
ERREBI like to add environmental protection to the excellence of the result. For this reason we expect our suppliers to show with pride the FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council, for the reduction of the environmental impact and the application of long-term social benefit policies for the communities living near the forests) and possibly are connected to the “Chicago Climate Exchange” program for the protection of eucalyptus forests. Sensitivity to the environment, superior quality, competence and experience are certainly the pluses that Rotolificio Bergamasco offers to the market every day, without compromise.

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