With our Linerless rolls we introduce a product that no longer needs a liner. Instead, in a specific process, the surface of the termal paper is coated with a repelling layer.

This product has ecological and economical benefits:

Linerless protects the environment: by eliminating the liner the costs for waste management are reduced to a minimum.

Linerless labels increase productivity: the elimination of the liner results in a gain of up to 43% of the material usage. As a result, less roll changes are necessary, considerably increasing the productivity and reducing replacement costs. In addition, multiple labels of different sizes are replaced by a single roll. These factors, in addition to lower waste management costs, make the linerless an economically advantageous choice, optimizing the use of rolls.

Linerless means downsizing: linerless rolls have a lower weight and need less storage space than conventional labels. As a result, the cost for transport and stock-keeping are recuced significantly.

  • Many personalisation possibilities
  • Certificated paper 
  • Availability in different sizes

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