6 Aug 2013

The new type-approval has come into force

nuova omologazione carta termica

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Do you know how to tell if your receipts are valid or not?
The expiry data has arrived; in fact, from 31 July all rolls of heat-sensitive paper that have the old type-approval are no longer valid and cannot be used as pursuant to provision n. 2012/13386 dated 30/01/2012.

What changes? 
Identification changes for all rolls of paper; in fact, the following must be stated on the back of the new rolls:

  • Name of the certifying body
  • Type-approval number
  • Expiry of the type-approval
  • Name of the paper mill and abbreviation of the paper used

Download the pdf to see the new type-approval or click here to find out more regarding the type-approval.

In order to help you identify the packages containing the rolls with new type-approval, from December 2012 our packages have a new logo.

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