16 Jan 2017

The new European regulations confirm Errebi’s quality

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On the 12th December 2016, the European Commission issued a new regulation with regard to the production of thermal paper, in which the use of bisphenol A is prohibited in all the EU Countries. It is a further step in the safeguard of the users’ health, a step that Errebi has already taken autonomously long ago, offering a range of products without this substance.
The new European regulation will enter into force from the 2nd January 2020, prohibiting the use of BPA (bisphenol A) in the production of thermal paper in Europe. The transitional period will last 36 months, during which all the industries that use the substance have to launch new alternative products.

Errebi greets the new regulation with enthusiasm : not only has the European decision moved toward the same goal the company has been aiming for years, that is the safety of the user and the safeguard of his health, but it also finds Errebi ready, with its top of the line products already phenol-free. A choice that the company took autonomously far before the EU gave its opinion on the matter, as part of the Errebi policies that care for health and environment.

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical substance that is often used in association with other substances, in the production of plastics and resins for various industrial applications. When used in thermal paper, it can be absorbed in the human organism through the skin, in particular when the skin itself is covered in soap, disinfectants or sunscreens. For this reason, Errebi has long studied and applied productive processes not involving phenol-based chemicals in the thermal paper of its products.

Errebi doesn’t stop here : the investments go on, in order to research and produce further solutions for the safeguard of users’ health. Keep following us to stay always updated about Errebi’s innovative products!

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