30 May 2016

Rotolificio Bergamasco celebrates 40 years of quality and innovation in the field of rolls of thermal paper

Rotolificio Bergamasco festeggia 40 anni di qualità ed innovazione nel settore dei rotoli di carta termica

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This year Rotolificio Bergamasco, world leader in the sector of rolls of thermal paper, celebrates 40 years of business
Founded in 1976 by Alessandro and Mirella Panseri Salvi, Errebi has started as a small family- run business for the production of rolls of thermal paper.

In 1984 Panseri family founded a new factory in Gorle, near Milan, equipped with innovative technology machineries and supported by a big commercial network which works both in Italy and abroad.

The growth of Rotolificio Bergamasco, since 1976, has never stopped and on the occasion of its 30th anniversary, a second production hub in Majano (Udine) was inaugurated; there it was implemented a fast-moving production while the establishment in Gorle, however, is dedicated to the research and the development of small quantities products, characterized by high technological coefficient.

The expansion of Errebi was not limited to Italy, but has gradually affected even Continental Europe, Scandinavia, Middle East, North America and north-central Africa, spreading around the world, the concept of industrial craft.

40 years of expansion, 40 years of business growth and, above all, 40 years of development: this is the reason of the success of Rotolificio Bergamasco, always engaged in the constant research of innovative and cutting-edge methods , in order to improve not only machines and rolls of thermal paper, but also the user experience.

Thanks to the commitment and the passion that, over the years, have pushed Panseri family to always seek the best for their produc, and it became a leader in the field of rolls of thermal paper, arriving up to now to fabricate more than 150,000 pieces per day and a wide range of products made of several dozen proposals .

So Rotolificio Bergamasco is a history about passion and dedication. But not only this.

Its success is due also to the constant attention to social issue, such as respect for environment, which has always characterized production processes and products.

Environmental protection is one of the great values which has always influenced production decisions: for this reason Errebi, with great pride, has obtained the FSC certification, which identifies and rewards, companies that produce wood materials manufactured from forests managed according to environmental, social and economic strict standards.

The love for the environment is also reflected in the production of one of the RB’s “best seller” of Errebi, the thermal receipt Sicur15 which allowed Rotolificio Bergamasco to obtain approval for a long-life thermal paper.

Last but not least , the choice in 2014, to install photovoltaic panels to produce clean electrical energy: the power of the sun at the service of a company which has always close to its heart, environmental well-being and the future of the planet .

Sustainability, quality and innovation: these are the reasons why Rotolificio Bergamasco became a source of great pride for the city of Bergamo.


Happy birthday to Rotolificio Bergamasco and its special team!

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