30 Aug 2016

Rolls of thermal paper Linerless

Linerless: la soluzione di etichettatura intelligente con vantaggi economici e ecologici

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Thermal paper rolls Linerless are dedicated to all the companies that deal with food packaging and weighing systems. Discover its benefits!
Rotolificio Bergamasco, since always, is involved into the research of innovative products which not only satisfy customer’s high standards, but also meet the needs of productivity without forgetting the environmental safety: that’s how rolls of thermal paper Linerless have been created!

Thermal paper rolls Linerless, particularly recommended for food packaging, are the result of an innovative process and the introduction of many advantages, appreciated by the industries which pack and sell food.

Thanks to the rolls of thermal paper Linerless, Rotolificio Bergamasco give a great alternative to the traditional adhesive labels which nowadays are more expensive and difficult to get over.


What are the advanteges of using rolls of thermal paper Linerless?

Volume and weight reduction of rolls of thermal paper: thanks to an advanced productive technique, Rotolificio Bergamasco applies a glue layer directly on the paper.  This means that the thermal rolls are less heavy and bulky compared with the traditional labels, as well as the warehouse management costs! Moreover, from the same thermal roll is possible to obtain different measures labels enjoying, in this way, the maximum convenience!

43% saving of material consumption: thermal rolls Linerless involve a great gain for the company’s financial statements. In fact, since the adhesive paper is composed of a single layer, it is also necessary a smaller quantity of reels and you can enjoy a saving up to 43% of the material consumption. A smaller number of thermal rolls implicates a space reduction in the car allowing, in this way, to optimize business productivity.

Costs reduction in waste disposal: deleting the liner, waste disposal costs are minimized. Maximum versatility: with only one roll, you can get labels of different sizes.

Till 12 years of durabilitythermal rolls Linerless distinguish themselves for high quality paper, homologated on the basis of European standards and resistant to every kind of atmospheric condition, such as heat and humidity, and substances, such as grain alcohol and lanolin.

Personalization: thermal paper Linerless can be customized in the shapes, colours and dimensions depending on the customers needs, guaranteeing always the maximum quality and duration. For example, it’s possible to request the production of transparent Linerless.   


rolls of thermal paper Linerless


Rotolificio Bergamasco has been operating since 40 years in the production of high quality thermal paper rolls to meet the needs of customers, both italian and foreign. RB is able to support a production capacity of more than 150,000 rolls per day, and about half of the products is exported abroad. The great success of Rotolificio Bergamasco is due to the high quality standards of products and to the price competitiveness.


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