4 Nov 2021

Recycling packaging and packaging of paper and cardboard: “Goal 90% in 3 years!”

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Amelio Cecchini, outgoing president of Comieco said: “Today we are 87%. Italians and companies commendable during the Covid”

The paper and paper-making sector, which in 2017 founded the Federation of Paper and Graphics of which COMIECO is an aggregate partner, is made up of producers of paper, paperboard and paper pulp: from the graphic industry, paper and paperboard processing and flexible packaging printers represented by ASSOGRAFICI; the manufacturers of graphic and paper processing machines represented by ACIMGA. Overall, this sector consists of over 18,000 companies that employ almost 172,000 people with an annual turnover of 24.9 billion euros (1.4% of GDP).

In the supply chain, in addition to the paper and paper industry, there are recovery operators represented by UNIRIMA which includes about 90% of the companies in its sector (the entire recovery sector has about 600 plants) to which differentiated collections of public and private paper and paperboard are assigned in order to produce secondary raw material for paper mills.

Who is Comieco
Comieco is the National Consortium that guarantees the recovery and recycling of cellulose-based packaging from municipal recycling.
Assets for the social

Explaining the reasons for the separate collection of paper and cardboard is important for everyone: for the elderly, who were born and lived when awareness of environmental problems did not yet exist, for adults, who are currently responsible for family behavior.
And for young people, beneficiaries of the positive effects of proper waste management and protagonists of the new families of tomorrow. There are many companies and associations that propose initiatives to discover and enthuse young people to the environment and all that is useful to know about paper and cardboard recycling.

How do I recycle paper and cardboard? What types of paper can I recycle? What are the rules for a good separate collection? What comes from recycling? What can I do? They are all questions that are right to ask and on which to make a reflection.

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Sources: https://www.comieco.org/

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