31 Oct 2013

RB thinks green with ABenergie


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ABenergie is a recognition that demonstrates Rotolificio Bergamasco’s commitment and promise to make all of its production processes eco-friendly.
RB, always in the forefront regarding eco-sustainability and environmental respect, has recently received new certification signed by ABenergie.

A symbolic and significant document for the company and for all its employees, which bears witness to the commitment and promise made by Rotolificio Bergamasco to make every one of its production processes eco-friendly.

By selecting ABenergie as its partner for the supply of electricity, RB has in fact selected to purchase CO-FER certified electrical energy, i.e. 100% ecological and produced from renewable sources.

“Every one of us can contribute to making the world in which we live better”, this is the conviction that pushes Rotolificio Bergamasco to continuously invest in environmental responsible behaviour.

A principal that is as noble as concrete, which has allowed the company that produces rolls of paper to contribute to saving 730 Tonnes of CO2 produced in 2012 and 546 tonnes of CO2 produced from January to September 2013.

With this demonstration RB wants to share important results and stimulate its customer to adopt increasingly more responsible behaviour regarding the environment and nature.

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