10 Mar 2014

RB and the new polyolefin packets

rotoli scontrini

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RB strongly believes that production in harmony with the environment that hosts our industries is a a sign of ethics but also a civil duty.
First the important recognition of the FSC standard, then the agreement with ABenergie, the recent installation of a photovoltaic plant able to produce 220kw of clean energy and, today, the use of new polyolefin packets used for the packaging of its rolls of paper.

RB has desired many eco-friendly initiatives.

In fact, the company strongly believes that production in harmony with the environmentthat hosts our industries is a a sign of ethics but also a civil duty.

Excellent products can be made without this being the cause of environmental pollution; this is Rotolificio Bergamasco’s philosophy.

Philosophy that it has slowly introduced into all of its production processes. From the realisation of rolls of paper with machinery that make use of totally green energy to the final packaging.

As of today, also the packets in polyolefin, i.e. the cellophane used for wrapping the rolls are 100% ecological.

A choice that has finally allowed RB to completely eliminate the use of plastics deriving from oil and to close the loop: from production to wrapping, RB has chosen to produce with total respect for the ecosystem. An act of love and an example of foresight that the customers can support by choosing to purchase products made by Rotolificio Bergamasco.

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