26 Apr 2021

PULP: rising prices of raw material and price lists adjustment


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Dear customer,

In recent months we have seen increasing inflationary pressures for various types of products such as films, adhesives, silicones and transport which have had a biggest impact on our incoming costs.
With the arrival of spring, pulp will also be added to this short but significant list.

We keep working carefully to improve our internal performance and to counterbalance these increases.
Where no manoeuvre was possible, we absorbed these increases with the aim of ensuring price stability.

Despite our best efforts, we are forced to inform you that probably the prices of our products may rise slightly from next July.


We invite you to check your stock and schedule your orders for the coming months so that you can take advantage of the current conditions for as long as possible.

As always, we keep working closely with all our suppliers to try to maintain a reliable service for all of you customers through our wide range of products.

RB’s sales staff is at your complete disposal to discuss what this will mean for you by identifying possible solutions to minimize the impact on your business.

We thank you for your valuable cooperation.

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