17 May 2012

Live better if you are “green”

Vivi meglio se sei “green”

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The added value of being eco-sustainable.
RB has always based its values on the quality of the products offered and innovative philosophy.

In order to continue the pursuit of its goals of excellence, Rotolificio Bergamasco has embarked on the eco-sustainability

pathway. With a view to continuous development, RB has decided to use energy produced entirely by renewable sources. This means that every production process, which is rigorously eco-friendly, operates thanks to clean energy that protects the environmentand promotes energy saving. 

The strong propensity to environmental issues, had already been confirmed in 2010, when the company obtained the important FSC standard certification for its rolls of paper.

Confident that operating in complete respect of the environment represents added value for customer satisfaction, RB hopes that many will follow its example. Contributing to the well-being of the planet means making the difference.

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