23 May 2017

Increase in paper prices and price list update from 1st August 2017


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Due to the continuous increases in raw material costs on a global scale, from 1st August 2017, Errebi, despite the efforts to contain as much as possible the increase in the cost of the paper announced in the last months by paper producers, will be unwillingly forced to adjust its price list.

Following the communications of the last months from paper producers – please find the official documents at the end of the article – which inform about the increase in the price of paper, Errebi is forced to adjust its price list, applying a general increase of 5% starting from 1st August 2017. The position of each customer will be evaluated and discussed individually with the sales personnel.

As it is clear from the data, Errebi has chosen to limit the impact on the final customer, absorbing part of the increase internally for the benefit of the clientele. A choice that reflects the company policies, always aimed at offering high quality products at competitive prices, even in the randomness that distinguishes the paper market.

Price increases involve the cellulose market and global derivatives, with general increases of between 6% and 10%. The motivations vary from region to region, but can be traced to the increased demand and increasing difficulty in supplying cellulose, latex and other raw materials.

Price increase communication by Koehler

Price increase communication by Mitsubishi

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