14 Jan 2020

Errebi offers you the first recyclabe thermal paper, completely chemicals free

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Nowadays public opinion and customers pay special attention to environmental issues. So, companies need to find more and more ecological solutions.

Errebi – Rotolificio Bergamasco has been taking care of eco-sustainability issue for a long time. Now, we offer an innovative solution to all those companies which consider environmental protection as their own priority: Blu4est ® technology.

We are the first Italian company trading this kind of paper. Blu4est makes the most of mechanical reactions to print the receipt without any chemical component: it’s completely bisphenols and phenols free.

This thermal paper is recyclable as certified by Anticelca® 501 – Level B (paper recyclability evaluation system, according to UNI EN 13430 standard) and suitable for direct contact with food.

Its most striking feature is the blue color, which is the direct result of the absence of chemicals. All your customers will be able to recognize immediately your environmental commitment.

This kind of paper boasts a high resistance to external environmental factors, such as light and humidity: the printing on the receipt is lasting up to 35 years. It’s compatible with the most commonly used thermal printers; there will be no need to change or adapt your equipment.

We started working on this project with one of our main customers, IKEA. Together, we wanted to make the receipt printing environmentally sustainable thanks to innovative solutions, such as Blu4est®.

We want to convey our commitment to our customers, the same commitment that led us to be the first company who traded Blu4est® recyclable thermal paper in Italy.

Let’s build a better future together!

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