31 Jan 2018

ERREBI obtains PEFC certification: a further goal for environmental protection

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After obtaining the FSC certification ERREBI continues its environment-support race and acquires a further European certification, the PEFC.

After obtaining the FSC certification (Forest stewardship Council), ERREBI continues its environment-support race and acquires a further European certification, the PEFC(Programme for Endorsement of forest certification schemes).

What makes a company really eco-sustainable? The choice of eco-friendly materials and the respect of environmental rules are essential but, above all, is required a strong dedication to the future of the environment and a constant commitment to new technologies and production techniques development that can help to making planet a better place; It is the mentality, first of all, to be eco-sustainable.

The PEFC, unlike the FSC, operates on different levels. Although they both indicate that the material used in the production come from forests managed in compliance with environmental standards, the PEFC is a program of recognition of national forest certification schemes. Created in 1998 by an agreement of European forest owners and wood producers, end-users and freelancers working on another level: it certifies the mutual recognition of existing certification schemes.

ERREBI has always been at the forefront of the battle against pollution and, in addition to these certifications, has obtained on various occasions certificates and accolades. The company has already made all of its production processes eco-friendly, choosing materials obtained in compliance with the most stringent European environmental rules.

Rotolificio Bergamasco has chosen to use only energy produced entirely from renewable sources, protecting the environment and promoting energy saving. It has also developed ecologic packaging for its products: boxes made of 100% recyclable materials, created following a zero impact logic.

Ever heard of liner? It is a silicone support that in this productive sector has always been a constant; ERREBI also realizes special rolls of thermal paper without liner, obtaining a long series of advantages, including many at the environmental level: the Linerless rolls are completely phenol-free.

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