2 Mar 2017

Errebi launches the new SICUR: long live the receipt

Errebi lancia il nuovo SICUR: lunga vita allo scontrino

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An important news shows up in Errebi, leading company in the production of thermal paper rolls. It is the new SICUR, an innovative receipt summarizing all the qualities that the company has always pursued: long life, reliability, ecology and attention to health. A product of excellence, result of the avant-garde vision of the company from Bergamo.
SICUR, evolution of the pioneering Sicur 15 signed Errebi, is not only a name : the new ticket is a guarantee behind which hides a high technological content, as well as years of experience in the industry. SICUR summarizes all the latest innovations that the company has brought in the field of thermal paper and thermal rolls, facing the market as a small revolution for the safety and health of consumers. With SICUR security and safety are done in three:
Fiscal security
The thermal paper of the new ticket guarantees the permanence of the printed track for over ten years. What interests Errebi is not the mere fulfillment of current legislation: the company focuses primarily on the reliability of thermal rolls, in order to provide the customer with products above the average, which will not fade anytime soon. All at attractive prices: the value for money has always been one of the strengths of Errebi. Thanks to its durability, SICUR is particularly suitable for areas such as opticians, pharmacies, laboratories or Hi-Fi stores that deliver guarantees on products from the date of the receipt.
Safety for health
With an eye always turned to the health of the end user, Errebi designed the new SICUR with a special chemical structure free of phenols and, particularly, of Bisphenol A (BPA), a harmful substance that the European Union itself recently banned, as we reported recently on this blog. SICUR is totally phenol-free, to protect the safety and health of those who use it.
Environmental sustainability
Errebi does not forget the green soul that has always accompanied it. Constantly engaged in the study of processes and products that reduce the environmental impact of its activities, Errebi produces all the thermal rolls with paper from sustainably managed sources. As a result, the company gained the prestigious FSC® certification, which identifies the management of forests according to specific environmental, social and economic standards. But that’s not all: Errebi production plants, in fact, are entirely powered by renewable energy sources, in particular from hydroelectric and solar power.


SICUR is all of this: not just a simple receipt, but the best part of every purchase.

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